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Gearing up for the Argus Cycle Tour

You can tell that March is around the corner by the number of cyclists out training for the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour (the name gets longer every year but the race’s spirit is the same). This year’s ride is on Sunday, 9 March and I think that many,myself included, are hoping that it isn’t going to be as hot or as windy as in recent years.

Green Elephant Backpackers is involved in the tour in two ways. We get many competitors, mostly from other parts of South Africa, staying with us during the weekend of the event. Then myself (Howard) and Nyasha (Green Elephant’s constantly smiling mountain guide) have raced in the two previous years. Although “raced” may not be completely accurate. Nyasha, with his young legs, may have raced while I took in the scenery.

To everyone racing in this year’s event, good luck.