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Farai Kidney Recovery & Skills Fund

We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign for our dear friend and part of the Green Elephant family, Farai.

Farai currently works as a cleaner at the Green Elephant Backpackers in Cape Town, South Africa. She’s been challenged with kidney failure and has been on dialysis, a life-support treatment that uses a special machine to filter harmful wastes, salt, and excess fluid from her blood, replacing many of the kidney’s important functions. She has routine visits to the hospital preventing her from working full time and is on a long waiting list for a donor kidney. Farai also has Type 2 diabetes which is affecting her eyesight.

She has been working hard to earn an income to support herself and her family, but she needs to explore work that is less physically demanding. Farai has been given the opportunity for computer skills-training at a centre for the blind which is a sponsored programme, but she will need funds to support herself and her medical costs during the months she will be enrolled and not working.

Please take a look and support if you can.




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